BD-player Yamaha BD-S1900
Despite the fact that the Yamaha BD-S1900 discontinued write a review about it, because it is still sell at a reduced price and it is present in the secondary market. Perhaps this review will be useful to someone. So, I bought this player only for aesthetic reasons.

The PC is configured for viewing HD videos
FAQ already very old. For the majority who want to watch videos on your computer enough MediaPlayerClassic-HomeCinema! ! ! To view HD you need a PC with a processor with at least 3 Ggerts (single-core or dual-core any).

formatted HDD to DVD-recorder Panasonic DMR-EH60EE-S
Accidentally formatted HDD to DVD-recorder Panasonic DMR-EH60EE-S. Nothing to it is not recorded.

What do you think the account of the DVD KISS DP 450
What do you think the account of the DVD KISS DP 450? Does it make sense to buy?

Fuzzy images when watching a DVD on the laptop.
I apologize in search not found. Sometimes nablyudaetsya twitching when viewing images such as stepwise movement of the camera, objects in the frame, and so on. N. The impression that the retarding. System PM on January 4, 6 256DDR, Nvidia 32, DVD 8-x, disk space is. . .

Tell me what to buy from a DVD or VVK969S VVK939S?
DVD is needed for the telly 21 "LG Flatron.

Help with the selection of the component cable
I stand before a choice between a component cable: Van Den Hul The Compolink 1. 5m $ 160. QED Qunex P-CV1 1m (3m) of $ 133. ($ 210.) Bandridge SVL3302 1. 5m $ 27. going to connect PLP and Pio 508HD DVD player Pio 565A (in the near future Pio 989y or Denon 2930).

NAS as a media player for video multiroom
Perhaps someone zaniteresuet using some NAS from QNAP as sources for video multiroom http: // electronhouse. ru / installer / multiroom / 98-qnap_mediaplayer.

Homemade vga cable
1) Does anyone have experience in creating vga cable? Need approximately 12 meters.

Best LCD TV set 37-40 "(for broadcast, DVD and HD from a computer) in the range of 35-40 m. P. (Moscow-Petrograd price lists)
I appeal to all owners of units suitable for the description of the topic. Tell , share impressions, pros and cons.

Print runs are what drives the video format to choose from no DVD, to read up on all DVD players?
Faced with the problem: it is necessary to print large circulation drives with a small video which format to choose from not to read DVD on all DVD players? There VideoCD - in theory the same mpeg, but not always read.

What to choose DVD (Panasonic DVD-S54, Pioneer DV-610AV, Toshiba XD-E500KR)
Hello! Help with a choice of DVD. Consider three models: Panasonic DVD-S54, Pioneer DV-610AV, Toshiba XD-E500KR. requirements of the basic one - the highest quality display DVD. Most of the machine does not need. HDMI connection to Panasonic TX-R32LX85.

PIONEER DVR-560H-K DVD Recorder with 160GB HDD.
Dear experts! If someone yuzal this device - help pliz! Questions: 1. is it possible to avi-shny movie from internet weighing 10-20 GB send into memory from a computer via USB, and how much does it take? 2. whether he is friends with external hard drives (which are recorded the same movie)? 3.

DVD-Player Pioneer DV-737, how to update the firmware?
Good day. accidentally discovered that my DVD player Pioneer DV-737 is categorically play movies, self-recorded discs on my "Verbatim", although with blanks Sony, TDK, Philips is no problem. Possible (no confidence) that this problem can be solved by a firmware update.

Media Player, controlled by the HDMI TV
Hello, sorry for the stupid question, but maybe someone in the know. a TV Panasonic gt50, it is a function of device management tool to hdmi (at Panasonic viera link) may be there are there are media players, not Panasonic to play HD rips on the network that have a similar function.