What is the difference component of the connector sockets RGB
What is the difference component of the connector sockets RGB, usually is the identification and designation - so many components and RGB so much.

it is better to buy a house or BBK sterevo + DVD?
it is better to buy a house for 9-12 pieces: BBK home theater with karaoke and high columns or individual stereo system and DVD even if it can be exactly what options are there thanks

Test DVD. . .
Immediately poshu sorry if the topic was. . But running over the search, did not notice. So, where you can buy (mean INET) test dvd drive (well, there is a sound image - mainly - the sound!). May in Moscow have somewhere to be ordered through the 'Net? Thank U.

comparison chipsets ESS, MTK and Sigma in DVD DivX players
At the last exhibition in Hong Kong DivX players were hit. I think there is no point in discussing brands, and better to talk about the base chipset. MTK, which is to become the most advanced version, announced in November. Actually present ESS and Sigma.

C karaoke DVD player and USB
Do not you find that? How bad XORO 2115? There and usb and karaoke, but the price. . . 1, 5 thousand. - Well, it is very cheap. He can not all DVD / bad reads? So : budget - up to 4000r. USB like Pioneer 600AV, Karaoke like Pioneer 500. Reliability like Pioneer 696.

Eminent 3D Media Player.
really more interested this device meets all my requirements http: // hd-mediaplayers. ru / eminent-em-7380-em-7385 / http: // www. eminent-online. com / en / product / 1073 / EM7385-overview.

DVD - & gt; S-Video - & gt; TV
I have a computer. It is worth GeForce2mx. To a computer via cable S-Video - & gt; SCARD connected TV Panasonic When I looked DivX movies I liked to watch them on your TV, the color is more pleasant, coding flaws are not noticeable.

Comparison of the quality of video and PC DVD-players
Who can be arranged in descending order of video quality options following items: DVD-Player (low-end, type BBK) tv-out nvidia tv-out radeon p10-not remember exactly what the name Pinnaklovseaya card entry \\ video output tv-out matrox card decoding mpeg, to, in my opinion, from Sigma.

Stationary DVD-player with TV-tuner and output HDMI.
What are the models of stationary DVD-players with TV-tuner and output HDMI. ? Thanks in advance for your answers.

HDMI audio with the video on the AV-receiver
The problem is this: on the pc with AV-receiver (Onkyo 414) sends a signal to a hdmi video card which supports the conclusion of the 8-channel audio, video and more on TV.

On the computer slows down the video recorded on a recorder
That's the problem. Recorder Panasonic DMR-ES15. Installed on the computer and the DivX codec K-Lite Codec Pack. Recorded on the DVD-RW drive. The drive was formatted (before using esesseno) and finalized recorder. Entries were of varying quality. With TV and VCR ether.

I do not know how to return your AGESTAR SPB2A HDDPLAYER
Recently bought a subject. Everything worked, until I moved the video settings to a higher (which I do not remember) now all devices to which I connect (and VGA and Composites) write out of range. FullHD devices I have. About Hard reset instruction word. Support silent.

DVD on your computer! ! !
In general the problem is, I want to watch DVD on your computer. Prerequisites all have a card with TV Out (although it seems to me the quality of shit, but that's another topic), SB Live! 5.

Blu-Ray Philips BDP-3100/51 (with support for mkv hd1080)
What kind of animal this is very little information. Who used that you can watch with usb, and over the network. Mvideo dealt in 2490 for the stock.

DVD Recorders
Are there any stationary DVD players with recording and support MP4