Need help in choosing a home. media center (in general)
Hello everyone. I must say, he lived without a TV set for a long time and managed to keep up with technology, now stand on the verge of buying and trying to figure out the source of the TV. Abundance of options and new technologies in the head a complete mess.

Problem with DVD Marantz dv 4001
Hello, dear. generally faced with the following problem. in a home theater is a DVD Player Marantz DV4001 http: // market. yandex. ru / model. xml? hid = 90633 & amp; modeli. . . write to DVD movie in the format *. avi Movie - DVDRip (XviD) DVDRip 2. 05 GB here such. . .

Discussion of the article: ": HDD / DVD-Recorder Samsung DVD-HR720"
I propose to discuss iXBT: HDD / DVD-Recorder Samsung DVD-HR720 Is it possible to insert the results of testing in general HR720 comparison table recording quality ? There already have HR725 , but not the fact that the results will be the same.

Selecting the DVD player
Bought autumn writing DVD player Rolsen (think 410). In the beginning was very pleased. The playback quality is good, works with any media up to the USB Flash. But the happiness did not last long. Became hopelessly hang.

Popcorn Hour A-200 / A-210 (Part 3)
(This is a continuation of the previous topics and the second part) Comparison of C-200, A-200 and A-110, see the following link: http: // www. popcornhour. com / onlinestore / index. php? plu ... on = productcompare .

DVD. What is the problem? ? ?
Hi, all! ! ! Recently decided to take the DVD. I'm on a computer is a DVD drive Sony DVD-ROM DDU1621. purchased in advance prog WINDVD 4 for playback. bought the first disc, everything is OK. This disc contains 2 folders Audio_ts and Video_ts. In general, it ROBIT.

Samsung DVD-HD745 "died" after flashing
Updated firmware DVD-HD745 / XEV in full compliance with the automatic disconnection in the manual. firmware (DVD-HD745 / XEV Software (ver. 2. 0)) take www. samsung. com As a result, the player "has died.

Discussion of the article: ": HDD / DVD-recorder BBK DW9955K"
I can not understand what it is connected. In the article are a plus sign at the intersections of DVD-R with JPG and MPEG-1/2/4. And I completely do not see any DVD-R Model 9953 or Model 9955.

Again questions: NAS or HTPC
Hello everyone! I understand that these questions have already been asked more than once, but read the forum a specific answer for yourself is not able to collect. We have - TV, receiver, bd-player, the system unit, laptop, tablet.

3D BD players Pioneer: network protocols, network configuration, network selection glands and their settings under the Pioneer.
Gentlemen, welcome to all who suffer in this topic where you can ask any questions on this topic, and get answers. before all wandered over all core subjects. I hope now there will be order. in the subject can and should ask questions with the description of the rest of the network hardware.

As I bought the DVD-Recorder
The most important thing in all our endeavors - is motivation, t. E. Why do we need and what we get from this. DVD-Recorder is needed to record TV programs off the air. And for transferring old records DVD video format. This, I hope, is clear.

Recording with dvd-player on vhs? !
Hello! Faced with the problem of recording bbk players on vhs.

Discussion of the article: "DVD-player BBK-965S"
I propose to discuss DVD-player BBK-965S Someone has this player? What feedback? p. s.

Media player for audio only (without using the TV to control)
There are 2 good computer speakers with RCA (tulips). I would like to collect on the basis of their music center with playing music with USB, SD, and desirable DLNA. What media player can I use? Most discussed at the conference player imply the use of the TV to control.

NEW: Blue-ray Player Sony BDP-S550!
2 days ago received from the states sending this unit. Today held a brief testirovku. Those who have questions about the device -sprashivayte. Unsubscribe to the fullest extent possible.